Take Back

Your Edge

With Zircon

What is Zircon?

Zircon is a decentralized exchange on Moonbeam with an integrated Risk Separation system. Users can supply liquidity to any pair and with just one asset, without being exposed to two tokens at once. This reduces capital inefficiency and lets risk-off LPs earn fees from volatile asset pools. All while traders get cheaper fees and more liquidity.

Relative LP returns after 20x price gain

No more compromises for providing liquidity.

The Zircon Pylon system lets you be exposed to just one asset, no strings attached.
Earn fees with your volatile coins or your stablecoin stash, depending on your risk tolerance.

The Anchor & The Float


Provide liquidity with just one token

Zircon Pylon splits liquidity pools into the high-risk Float and the low-risk Anchor.


The Anchor token provides stability

It earns fees, but its value will keep steady no matter what the Float side is doing.


The Float token is for the risk-takers

It claims all of the pool's gains, giving its holders maximum returns. But it also covers losses to ensure the Anchor's stability.

The Cross-Chain Hub

Zircon’s home is Moonbeam, the EVM-enabled Polkadot parachain. With a focus on cross-chain compatibility, Moonbeam and Zircon will become the hub of all crypto assets: ERC-20, Bitcoin and other parachain tokens.

The Benefit for Traders

If liquidity providers are happy, traders will be too. Zircon enables liquid direct pairs into USD stablecoins, avoiding the costly double hop you’d need on other platforms. Coupled with a low base fee, the result is a much more efficient DEX for high-volume traders.

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A New DeFi Lego

Zircon Pylon is just a stepping stone to something greater. With the Zircon Perpetual Move, traders don't need to choose up or down.

Meanwhile, Liquidity Providers get extra compensation for their impermanent loss.

Win, Win

DeFI Lego

Want to learn more? Check out our Litepaper.discord